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Vcc-Shipping Overview

Vcc-Shipping Overview

Formation Process

Since 2012 to 2023

Start with reliable partners

• VCC-SHIPPING, a leading crewing company, has a rich history of growth and success since its establishment in 2012. Start with representing Xinyang Shipping Management from Qingdao, Shandong, China. Over the years, the company has developed strong partnerships with renowned ship owners from various regions, including Dalian, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, and KSM from South Korea. Let's take a journey through the years and explore the milestones of VCC-SHIPPING.


In 2012 

• VCC-SHIPPING was founded with a vision to provide highly skilled and qualified seafarers to meet the growing needs of the maritime industry. The company quickly gained recognition for its professionalism, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction. During this year, VCC-SHIPPING formed its first significant partnership with Dalian Ship Owners, a prominent player in the shipping industry.


In 2013

      • As the company expanded its operations in 2013, VCC-SHIPPING secured partnerships with several Hong Kong-based ship owners. These collaborations allowed the company to widen its reach and provided greater opportunities for seafarers seeking employment. The Hong Kong ship owners' reputation for excellence aligned perfectly with VCC-SHIPPING's commitment to quality crewing services. 


In 2014

• In 2014, to begin working as a representative for Huibei Qintai Shipping Management in Nanjing, China.
• Supply cooperation on over 20+ ships for this sector, mostly bulk cargo and general cargo, with an average payload of 30,000 tons, such as Bao Lai, Bao Shun, Bao Yu, Bao Long... Orders are always promptly fulfilled and well-operated.
• VCC-SHIPPING further strengthened its presence in the market by establishing partnerships with various ship owners from Europe. These collaborations opened doors for seafarers to work on vessels sailing across international waters and broaden their horizons. The European ship owners' emphasis on safety and efficiency echoed VCC-SHIPPING's core values.


In 2015

• In the following year, 2015, VCC-SHIPPING expanded its network by partnering with KSM, a leading ship owner from South Korea. This strategic alliance allowed VCC-SHIPPING to tap into new opportunities in the Asian market while leveraging KSM's extensive fleet and reputation for excellence. 
• The collaboration also facilitated the exchange of knowledge and best practices between the two companies, ultimately benefiting both seafarers and ship owners.


In 2016

      • Signing on behalf of Korea Shipping Management and Wooyang Shipping, start to full supply personnel for 2 general cargos ships, Wooyang Victory and Wooyang Princess.


In 2017

• Collaborate with Taiwanese companies such as Wisdomline, Sihway, Panocean, and the Unison Group to provide a large number of crew members for their ships. These ships include 10+ bulk carriers and 5+ general cargo ships with a load capacity ranging from 10,000 to over 40,000 tons.


Steady growth stage 

       • From 2017 to 2018, VCC-SHIPPING focused on building a strong network of qualified seafarers and establishing partnerships with reputable shipping companies. The company gained a reputation for its high standards of recruitment, training, and placement of crew members for various types of vessels.

• Expanding the scale and collaborating with more major partners such as BORICH, PAN OCEAN, SINONEW, UNISON, ORION... And Vietnamese partner PSM, PVTrans co-working on some chemical/tanker ship like PVT Clara, PVT Saturn, PVT Hera.
• And then, a big disaster happened…


Outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic 

• In 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, causing significant disruptions in the maritime industry. Travel restrictions and lockdown measures led to a decrease in global trade and shipping activities. Many shipping companies faced challenges in crew rotation and struggled to find qualified seafarers to man their vessels.
• Despite the overall negative impact, VCC-SHIPPING saw an opportunity in the crisis. The company quickly adapted its operations to address the changing needs of the industry. Recognizing the increased demand for seafarers due to crew rotation issues, VCC-SHIPPING actively sought to recruit and supply more manpower.
• The company implemented strict health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of its crew members during the pandemic. It worked closely with shipping companies and authorities to facilitate the safe movement of seafarers and ensure compliance with international guidelines.
• VCC-SHIPPING also invested in technology to streamline its recruitment and placement processes. Online platforms and virtual interviews became essential tools to connect with potential candidates and shipping companies, enabling efficient crew transfers despite travel restrictions.
• As a result of these efforts, VCC-SHIPPING successfully positioned itself as a trusted partner for shipping companies in need of crewing services during the pandemic. The company not only provided skilled and qualified seafarers but also demonstrated its ability to navigate the challenges of a global crisis.
• And now, in 2023, VCC-SHIPPING has established itself and gained a strong position in the Vietnamese seafarer market and the Southeast Asian region. We confidently provide the most skilled and high-quality seafarers.







International Organization for Standardization CERTIFICATE


Add: 1st Floor-Room 101- Petrolimex Bulding - Nợ 441 Đà Nẵng street - Hai An district - Hai Phong city - Viet Nam
Website : http://www.vcc-shipping.vn
Tel/Fax: +84 225 6289 685 --- HP:Mr Leo Lee :+84904258818
E-mail: crew@vcc-shipping.vn

Foreign Affairs Department:
Wechat: qiuxian0719 
Wechat: tran-hau2

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