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Vcc-Shipping Overview

Vcc-Shipping Overview

On May 2010, Nhat Minh International  Join Stock Company decided to establish Vcc-Shipping (Vietnam Crew Centre) which is a Crew Centre office of company at Hai Phong city, Viet Nam. Specializing in providing high quality shipping services much like shipping agent, ship management, catering of ship supplies, supply crewmember, transport and logistic. The company is strengthen its ties in different shipping companies in the China,Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore and European countries to cope up the needs of our clients across Asia. We provide our clients in both quality services and competive rates/prices in our general services. Our reputation as a reliable, trustworthy and innovative supplier is built upon our experience and extensive knowledge in the field of Shipping Services and Logistic.




Add: Room 101, No 441 Da Nang St., Hai An Dist., Hai Phong City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-313769129
Head Crew Dept: Do Thanh Tu  - Tel: +84904515857
Website:  http://vcc-shipping.vn/
Email:  vcc-shipping.vn@hps.edu.vn

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