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Training Mission

Training Mission

Expectation of employee after the training:

  • They have ability to understand their task.
  • They can perform machine function and its mission.
  • Improving their adaption, include self-aware and motivation to work better.

Training high quality crew:

We organize training courses, training, professional training and certification of training prescribed by the regulations, the circular of the Minister of Transportation(Circular 11/2012/TT-BGTVT), in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the International Convention on standards of training certificate and shift for crew members on 1978 amendment 2010 (STCW 78/2010).

Pictures of training crew:


Recruitment and training process for crews

• We are constantly improving, innovating, and optimizing our processes at every stage. We aim to minimize risks to the maximum extent possible for each order.

• Our process is always carried out sequentially and comprehensively to ensure the quantity, quality, and authenticity of the seafarers and their high skills to serve the job on board.

To minimize the risks involved in the recruitment process and select exceptional candidates, we have made several additions and optimizations to ensure a professional approach.

On the right is our recruitment process flowchart.

Training Process

After successfully selecting suitable candidates for the position, we will proceed to provide specialized training for each crew member according to their specific roles.

This ensures that the crew members are well-prepared to effectively carry out their duties on board the ship.

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